#WalkForMemories & #BellLetsTalk

Someone’s a little hashtag crazy. Yes, unfortunately you need to work that pound key when you depend on social media to get the word out there!

Two things:

The Annual Alzheimer’s Society Walk For Memories is upon us & I am estatic to say that I will be walking on May 28th in Stratford! Last year I participated in Cambridge & although was thrilled to be donating my time to a wonderful cause, didn’t so much enjoy walking circles in a mall. SO, this year I will be out doors with two of my closest friends in this wonderful town (that thinks it’s a city) where I now reside! So far team #apswlife has raised over $300! I am beyond grateful for everyone’s generous donations and kind words of encouragement.

I am doing this walk for several reasons. The main one being that we need a cure YESTERDAY & I certainly don’t want to have to endure this illness nor do I want that for any of my loved ones. Secondly, I work with far too many clients who are already afflicted & it breaks my heart to see them deteriorate day by day.

If you’d like to support our team, please click here for details.

Item number two for this evening is about what has been going on today: Bell Let’s Talk Day. Another cause that’s very important to me for several reasons, the main one being that I too have dealt with Depression and know all too well how debilitating it can be. Mental Illness in 2016 still carries with it a terrible stigma that needs to be destroyed. You find me one person who hasn’t dealt with SOMETHING and I’ll call you a liar. I wrote a post on this last year I do believe & if you’d like to take a peek, please do so here.

For each time that someone uses the hashtag #BellLetsTalk on Twitter or other media outlets, Bell will donate 5 cents toward mental health initiatives.

Get pressing on that pound key! I have to get back to watching American Horror Story. It’s my new obsession.

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