Why Breaking The Rules Isn’t Always A Good Idea

Good Morning PSWs,  fellow bloggers & faithful readers.

I know, these updates are coming further & further a part. Life is hectic! Work is hectic! But in a wonderful way. I have been picking up short shifts on my unit – 5pm-9pm – which helps out the full timers during the evening. How long did it take for this to finally happen? If you ask me, TOO. FRIGGEN. LONG. It upsets me that in order to see some action something has to happen before hand. PROACTIVENESS not REACTIVENESS is what we need. The afternoon shift consists of 2 PSWs for 28 residents. Really? This is fair? THIS DOESN’T SOUND AT ALL REDICULOUS TO YOU?! Pardon my caps-lock rage. ¬†So the needless to say the extra help is much-needed. And it’s an”easy” 4 hours for me.

The extra help is needed for a lot of reasons, but I am going to talk about one very important one right now: the use of mechanical lifts. Do you have any idea how many transfers a PSW can make a day? I’m going to say close to 10. In fact, that might be generous. And what’s even more difficult is that a PSW cannot and SHOULD NOT make these transfers alone. But you know what? A lot of us do. Why? Convenience. When you have 2 PSWs attempting to put residents to bed or to the toilet, sometimes you’re left waiting 20 minutes before your co-worker is able to help you.

I have a point, I promise.


Do you understand me? It is NOT your fault that your facility chooses to understaff. It is NOT your fault that your coworkers are also extremely busy. So you know what? If you’re late for breakfast because you had to wait for a help with transferring, so be it. I would rather you be late than fired. Or hurt. OR your resident gets hurt.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Being fired is the LEAST of your worries should something happen to your resident while using a lift a lone. Should said resident get hurt & die of said injuries you are going to jail. That’s right, pack up your cigarettes for currency because you are going to need it.

This is serious. Your job is serious. As a PSW we take care of and are responsible for an extremely vulnerable sector of society. If you can’t remember this or chose not to care, then perhaps you should start looking for a new career. Stat.