Get It Together, Wal Mart.

Every Monday I go to Wal Mart to purchase my 3 for $10 celebrity gossip magazines. Not because I care about said celebrities who may I add make far more money than what their “job” is worth, but because I love the puzzles. I do them through out the week and this keeps me in my Zen zone so I don’t have the urge to commit heinous crimes against humanity. I went to Wal Mart TWICE today and the new ones weren’t out yet. That really grinds my gears, man. Today is also my day off which is why it wasn’t spent doing anything productive not that I need to justify what I do with my time. They’ll probably be out tomorrow but for the time being I am just as upset as one can get over such matters. So I’m actually fine. Just annoyed.

I think I’m going to start using this as more of a general blog than just one for and about PSWS. I’ve covered a multitude of topics within the last 5 years – yep, I’ve been talking crap for THAT long! – and until inspiration hits for something specific I just don’t write that much. Tonight’s inspiration was my annoyance for Wal Mart.

I could write about my job, not just home care in general but my specific company but I’ve decided that’s not a good idea because I actually want to keep my job and putting my thoughts down in writing would probably 100% guarantee me being discretely dismissed from my position. PSWS are under paid as it is so you can only imagine how being unemployed would work out. And I do love my job. I have benefits. I have vacation time. I have a very flexible schedule that allows for naps. And most importantly I absolutely adore my clients. They keep me going.


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