7 day itch.

It’s gloomy outside. Rain is falling, I’m sitting on my couch covered in a blanket with I Love Lucy playing in the background and I couldn’t be happier. The word “relax” is somewhat foreign to me so when I get a chance to do it I really have to put effort into it. But today is easy. Today is the first  in 7 in which I didn’t have to get up at 5 am and go to work. I love my job as I’m sure you’ve figured out, but when you work 7 days straight in a nursing home, to say you’re tired by the end of it is kind of the understatement of the year. And you know what annoys me? People who don’t understand the difficulties of my job. When I say that I’m tired, I’m not bullshitting you. I AM tired. I don’t harass you about the difficulties of office work and sitting in a comfortable environment where you get proper lunch breaks now do I? But I digress. We’re getting off topic here.
As previously mentioned in other posts, before I start my day I can more or less predict how it’s going to go. However, I ALWAYS have to keep an open mind and remind myself that just because things went smoothly the day before, it doesn’t mean things are going to go that way today. Which is exactly what happened yesterday. Day 7, the very last of my week and it was a total bitch. Excuse my language, but that is what it was. Absolute insanity until about 2:00pm when I could finally sit down and eat my lunch. And breath.
It wasn’t the fault of the residents, or the staff. Sometimes you get days like that and you have no choice but to cope. One resident of mine yesterday – God Bless their patient soul – was suffering from a severe case of constipation and I felt gutted that I couldn’t do anything to help. Don’t get all bashful on me, I can see through my computer screen you know. Bowels are a very big deal. We all do it. It’s the bodies natural way of detoxing and getting rid of all the crap – haha – that we don’t need. And sometimes we get backed up. It started at about 10am and the ordeal didn’t get fixed until about 1:30 that afternoon. Can you imagine? 3 hours of intensive labour in an attempt to give birth out your ass. And it must be so much more difficult for an individual in their 80’s where they’re no doubt exhausted already.
I also had a shower to give and at one point had 3 other people in the bathroom at the same time.
If I don’t hear call bells or see a Hoyer Lift for a long time it’ll still be too soon.
And how was your day?