It annoys me – to the point where words can’t even explain it – how incredibly excited people are about the NHL playoffs. For those not in the know, I hail from the GTA (greater Toronto area) and just about everyone is going crazy for our home team, The Toronto Maple Leafs. This is an industry that punked out on you for half a season yet when they say jump you ask how high. Appalling.

I’m not anti-sports. Sports are fun,  they get people engaged and excited about their city and give kids a chance to get out there. But the amount of money that goes into a recreational activity boggles me, especially when I work in a field that only gets cutbacks.

I bring all this up because this week – May 6th – 12th – is Nurses Week in Ontario, where we appreciate and recognize all the amazing things those of us in healthcare do for you and your families. The higher-ups at work gave us all coffee and donuts on Monday which I thought was a nice gesture. We also got cool like doo-dads like coffee cups and pens today that say positive things about nursing.

When these overpaid ballerinas deal with the outcome of an enema, I’ll be the first one to buy a ticket to their game.