Give Thanks

I love my job this time of year. Not just because of all the visiting I do and all the Christmas fun I am sometimes privileged to attend but because of all the time I spend in my car. Driving about this beautiful city (although to me it’s still very town-like) this time of year I get to see all the Christmas lights this lovely community has to offer. Sometimes I even take the slightly longer way home just to pass by certain homes because they just blow me away with all of their lights and twinkles and Christmas cheer. But then comes December 26th and I know that shortly after this date the lights will slowly dim and go out all together and I’m back to just driving in dreary, cold, winter nights with no pretty twinkle lights to make me smile.

So I make the best of it now and try to take in as much as possible while I can before January takes over, steals my soul and replaces it with a depression that seems never-ending. That’s not an exaggeration, S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder can really get to me some years which is why I joined the gym last January. They really need to stop taking money from me because I haven’t gone in a while. I’ll go back after Christmas when the winter blues really hit. It’s always fulfilling to lift weights when you’re feeling gross. It’s a real mood booster.

The Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree and will hopefully survive the wrath of the cats. Rosie likes to chew. She used to chew my hair, but she’ll chew ribbons or anything else she can get her little paws on. She is currently sitting beside me unamused as is her usual demeanor.

I’m not sure of my Christmas Day schedule yet which is annoying but not at all surprising. Hopefully I’ll know by Friday. Not that it really matters, I don’t get a say in who I visit but a lot of clients cancel on holidays on account of spending time with family so I may or may not be paying visits to my regular customers.

Until then we have Saturday and Christmas Eve to look forward to. Saturday being the most important seeing as it’ll be my 32nd Birthday which is gross on all sorts of levels but still more important than the birth of  baby Jesus. I think so anyway. And gross because working in this line of works makes me terribly aware of my own mortality and growing one year older just makes me closer to potentially having my worst fear come true which is dying alone. BUT I AM still the youngest amongst most of my friends and Shane is 9 years older than me so HAHA to you guys. Please don’t die before me.

OH, and if anyone was wondering what happened with the magazine fiasco from Monday I DID pick up my weekly reads yesterday. BUT!!!! The National Enquirer, which I know is pure trash so I don’t need you to tell me that, only had ONE crossword in it instead of it’s regular two!!! I hope this isn’t a permanent change because that’ll have a serious impact on my magazine choices. That and the Enquirer is so PRO Donald Trump it’s disgusting. There’s your fake news, Donald!

Merry Christmas Friends. Stay thankful.

Get It Together, Wal Mart.

Every Monday I go to Wal Mart to purchase my 3 for $10 celebrity gossip magazines. Not because I care about said celebrities who may I add make far more money than what their “job” is worth, but because I love the puzzles. I do them through out the week and this keeps me in my Zen zone so I don’t have the urge to commit heinous crimes against humanity. I went to Wal Mart TWICE today and the new ones weren’t out yet. That really grinds my gears, man. Today is also my day off which is why it wasn’t spent doing anything productive not that I need to justify what I do with my time. They’ll probably be out tomorrow but for the time being I am just as upset as one can get over such matters. So I’m actually fine. Just annoyed.

I think I’m going to start using this as more of a general blog than just one for and about PSWS. I’ve covered a multitude of topics within the last 5 years – yep, I’ve been talking crap for THAT long! – and until inspiration hits for something specific I just don’t write that much. Tonight’s inspiration was my annoyance for Wal Mart.

I could write about my job, not just home care in general but my specific company but I’ve decided that’s not a good idea because I actually want to keep my job and putting my thoughts down in writing would probably 100% guarantee me being discretely dismissed from my position. PSWS are under paid as it is so you can only imagine how being unemployed would work out. And I do love my job. I have benefits. I have vacation time. I have a very flexible schedule that allows for naps. And most importantly I absolutely adore my clients. They keep me going.


Snowed In

If my phone hadn’t fallen a part I don’t think this update would have happened. I’ve thought about it, too many times to count actually, about writing in here. Something just gets in the way. But as mentioned, my cell phone, the life line to 2017 & beyond has finally died. I’ve ruined my Christmas surprise by telling Shane that I would get it fixed & he said well don’t bother because that was going to be your Christmas present. So I wait. And I hate to admit it’s been more difficult than I thought. Mainly because I love texting, as I have access to a computer for everything else. So send a thanks to the tech Gods for putting my iPhone5S (I think) to rest otherwise I probably wouldn’t be sitting at our computer desk on this chilly, snowy Tuesday night rambling my head off on apswlife.

This PSW’s life is going very well. There are always things to complain about but tis’ the season for being thankful and jolly. I do love this time of year. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since November first and our Christmas tree went up about 2 weeks ago. I have most of my gifts bought but I have yet to wrap them because as much as I love all the things paper I don’t enjoy wrapping. I’m also particular about the paper I use for people because I know some people appreciate a nice wrap job while others just rip with no regard to the wrapper’s feelings. I do the same with my Christmas cards.

I’m working on Christmas Day this year. I put in a request to have it off and my supervisor said Stef, you had Christmas off last year. To which I replied, yes, I did, but I thought I would try just the same and she said Nice try and we had an awkward boss / employee giggle so that was that. BUT I do have NYE and day off so that’s nice. The chances of me staying up until midnight aren’t good but you never know.

I don’t mind working on holidays. Aside from the obvious fact of better pay, I find it very enjoyable. Which is something I am very grateful for because if working on Christmas made me want to kill myself than we’d have a problem. Though to be honest, there have been times in the past where being with family on Christmas has made me want to kill myself so I guess we’re square on that.

As mentioned it is snowing something fierce in Stratford tonight. I did go out for work tonight but had to cancel on two clients because like hell if I was going to drive out of town and risk my car going into a ditch and knowing my luck it probably would despite the fact that I have snow tires. So I came home, showered and sat my bum down here and decided, yeah, lets do this.

I’ll try to write more. I swear I used to write all the time before the technology took over. Shane actually insists that it’s partly my fault that my phone died because I’m ALWAYS on it. I wish I could say that is an exaggeration but it isn’t. To which I said, UHM no I’m not and anyway it was a used phone to begin with and you don’t even use YOUR phone like a normal person. To which he said I use it to make calls and text and then I turn it off and I said That’s NOT NORMAL it’s all about social media but he won’t touch that with a ten foot pole which I suppose isn’t a bad thing.

I’m going to go make some tea.