Working In A Winter Wonderland

Wow. I don’t know where you are but it has been snowing here the last 2 days with A VENGEANCE! Seriously, what did we do?? I guess it’s just January.

With the lovely white stuff come the lovely – Not said sarcastically, I swear! – people who do not know how to drive in it. It peeves me off to no end. Yes, your pick-up truck is bigger than me and I’m sure your penis is smaller than mine as well. That doesn’t give you the right to pass me on a hill in the dark in an apparent white out. But HEY, what do I know. I’ll wave as I drive by at 40 and see your sorry behind in a ditch. Or upside down as I saw earlier today.

Working in homecare means that I do A LOT of driving. On my part I make sure to always give myself extra time, have a full tank of gas, windshield wiper fluid and anything else I may need to assure that I get where I need to be safely. YOU in turn should also be doing the same and not acting like an idiot just because you have a larger vehicle than me. I’m sorry to pick on those with larger cars – I know not ALL of you are asses – but the majority or asshatory that I’ve encountered were from those in trucks. So quit it.

I hope to be properly blogging for OPSWA on their website soon. The Association has grown up A LOT and I can’t wait to share all these new achievements with you. I’m in our Cambridge office this afternoon doing some admin work while M & K (Our P and VP respectively) are out making the connections that help to benefit us. Our 3rd Annual Conference is coming up on April 23rd at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Check out for more details.


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