Call Bells Will Be The Death Of Me

It’s been busy. Work wise & life in general. When I’m not at work I’m “working” at home by applying to other job possibilities & doing laundry & such.

Working casual isn’t much fun, to be honest. You rarely know when you’ll get hours & if you get more than 3 hours notice you’re lucky. I’m still at the bottom of the barrel, slowly paying my dues in order to climb up the ever steep ladder of PSW employment.

I work a lot of weekends, which don’t bother me much. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of 3-11 shifts. Work wise, it can be just as – or sometimes MORE busy – than a morning shift. The work load consists of serving dinner, bathing, and general toileting care prior to getting residents into bed. Going to bed on a schedule and STAYING in bed are all challenges the PSW accepts when taking on this shift. Residents can have nightmares. Hallucinations. Hunger pains. Toileting needs. Or even wander at any given time. I cannot count the number of times a call bell will ring during one shift. I don’t go to a gym. I work in LTC.

Due to casual hours & slowly becoming stir crazy, I’ve applied for & obtained a position with a home care company who GUARENTEES 40+ hours a week. I haven’t done home care in a couple of years so it will take some getting used to, otherwise I look forward to the change. Home care is apparently HUGE in Stratford, so if that’s your calling come here. You’ll get work.

Stratford Life

Well this is long over due! Every time I told myself “…update your BLOG!” something else always came up. Usually sleep or something related to that activity. Hey. Moving is a big deal! Some of us – not naming names – don’t take it as easily as others. I haven’t any regrets & I am very happy to be here. To be honest, leaving “the big city” wasn’t at all difficult. I don’t miss anything about it other than the close proximity to my friends & family. Yeah, OK fine, AND sushi.

The hardest part about moving wasn’t the actual move. Believe it or not, it was leaving my job. I had to say goodbye to wonderful co-workers & residents. Doing so wasn’t easy as I had no idea what I would find 1.5h away.

I got lucky.

I have been employed on a casual basis at what is turning out to be a wonderful long-term care facility. The units are smaller which means the group of residents per unit PER PSW is also low – yay! I’ve been fortunate to so far work with some lovely gals which have been showing me the ropes over these last couple of weeks.
It’s A LOT to get used to, and just as I was when I was first employed in Toronto, I’m still feeling a tad off. I was in the city for 5 years. I’ve gone back to the bottom of the pile, the newbie. Re-learning and getting to know a whole other world of routines and schedules. I know that once I get used to the ropes things will fall in to place. The good news being is that even though I am casual, the chances of full-time employment is very very good. At least that’s what people keep telling me.

I’ve also been on several other interviews. Stratford is a MECCA for PSWS. There are seniors and facilities of every kind to support said population on almost every corner. Seriously, its unreal. I hope I won’t have to work 2 part-time jobs for long, but c’est la vie.

This is my second weekend working in a row. And it’s a long weekend AND the weather is far too hot for my liking.

Did I mention that my boyfriend & I don’t have air conditioning?