It’s time for masks and yellow robes again.

Merry New Years & Happy Christmas! How was everyone’s holiday? Mine was fantastic – as always – spending lots of time with friends and family. Luckily for me I didn’t have to work on Christmas, but I will be working tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) as well as New Year’s Day and the day after that. I also worked today and yesterday so I’m in for a busy week!

Knock on wood I haven’t gotten sick yet. Aside from that random bout of stomach flu, I haven’t had a cold since October, which for me is nothing but a miracle. I used to get sick fairly often and generally around the same time every year. This year I’ve been lucky. My residents however, not so much.

When one person gets sick in a nursing home, EVERYONE gets sick. We take precautionary measures, we use isolation as a way of preventing it from spreading but it doesn’t usually last. It’s like a wild-fire that cannot be tamed. Seriously. Not only is this awful for my residents, but as a PSW it means almost double the work load.

Today I was the ONLY regular on my unit. My nurse was someone I had worked with before so I felt comfortable with her, but the other psw’s were someone from an agency and someone who usually works on another floor. I almost flipped my shit today on more than one occasion but I’m apparently very good at keeping my cool while at work.

The cold and flu season is also bad for me because … well.. I have issues dealing with anything from the neck up. Bowels, urine, diarrhea, not a problem. Vomit, phlegm, coughing, nose dribble, is a problem. For the life of me I have no idea why, it just irks me. I don’t think I was wearing a pair of gloves for less than 15 minutes at a time today.

Also, I came back to work yesterday after having a week off to find out that another one of our residents had passed. I do believe I’ve mentioned her in earlier posts. The lady I referred to as Gwen who always spoke in a very high voice. She was 102 years old.


Well Wishes & All That Jazz.

I’d just like to wish my faithful readers a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I’ll be working on New Years Eve & day so if we get drunk at work you’ll be the first to know about it 🙂

Also, I’ve started another blog & it’s just about me & all the random thoughts that go through my head. I’ve really gotten in to writing again as I’ve missed it so much, and I’m finding that my hand writing cannot keep up with the thoughts in my mind. Also, I think I’m addicted to blogging.


Why are people so stupid?

If I had a dime for every time that question ran through my mind I wouldn’t need to work. In fact, no one I know would need to work and we could all travel via private jet to anywhere our heart’s desire. I’m sure most of you think the same thing on occasion, and you’re not one of these stupid people are you? No, you’re not (& if you are please don’t tell me, I’d rather live in ignorance 🙂 ).

Some times things occur at work that just boggle me. BOGGLE. ME. For instance, when someone decides to STEAL something from a resident’s room. Why? Why? Just… why?!?!?!?! Actually, forget the ‘why’. I don’t want to know what your pathetic reason is, all I know is that it takes a very low person to do such a thing. Is it the staff? It could be. Is it a family member? Possible. ….

But let’s ponder this.

I’m going to switch gears here.

Does legitimate theft occur in long-term care homes? Unfortunately, it does. You know what else occurs? Memory loss. So some times, it ISN’T anyone stealing at all, but a case of misplacement. To the unfortunate soul who think’s they’ve been robbed, it is a very serious matter. Under NO circumstance do you tell them “excuse me dear, but no one’s stealing from you. You’re just losing your marbles,” because that won’t go over well. You listen. You show concern, compassion & sympathy. You comfort them and reassure them that the item will be returned and that it won’t happen again. When a complaint is made the first time, regarding a missing item it is taken very seriously. When the same individual makes a complaint more frequently, about more things and sometimes about items you know they don’t even own, you have to start looking at things a little bit differently. This could be the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s or some thing else.

The next time you go to visit a loved one in a nursing home, remember all these things. And don’t steal your grandmother’s possessions, because you will go to hell.


A Seminar & The Stomach Flu

How To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease In The Elderly Patient.

…. Maybe it’s just me – and it often times is so please tell me if I’m wrong – but does that seem like a necessary seminar to attend? Especially since all of whom that attended are in healthcare and would already KNOW how to do this? I thought it was fairly simple. Diet, lifestyle, genes…. is this obvious to anyone else? It would appear that a lot of studies have been done on the subject – enough to fill an entire hour’s worth! – to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to always complain as I did enjoy myself. But maybe it was the fancy hotel, free dinner and wine that I enjoyed… This, my darling followers is how you school. I wish I could tell you in more detail about the seminar, but I honestly don’t remember a lot of it.

MAYBE that’s because later on that night, upon my return home I had a rather queasy feeling in my stomach. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but when you’re vomiting on and off for a good 6 hours, your thought turns to the dreaded stomach flu. I forgot how awful that ailment is. I hadn’t been that violently ill in ages, it completely knocks the wind out of you! Anyway, I have since recovered and that is why I could not give a detailed, more exciting description of my night out sooner.

This update wasn’t very PSW-y was it? Oh well.