I take it back. I take it all back. Everything negative I could have possibly bitched about – and let’s face it, I don’t see that changing – that takes place while working in LTC. I re-neg 100%.

I have had to take on a second job due to lack of income from working on a casual basis. After exhausting all options available to me – without going out of town, that may be next – I have bitten the bullet and applied for a PSW position working in the community. For anyone that knows me, I swore on a stack of bibles that I would NEVER work in home care again. However, 5+ years have passed & a PSW has to do what a PSW has to do.

To start off on the positive – the work is THERE. Home care is where it’s at, folks. We’re living in an age where people now have the options to receive care in their home. We’re not just talking light house duties & tea with old ladies. We’re talking full on sling-lifts, total care being done right in their residence. Now, not ALL people are privileged to this, but for those with money it is completely possible. I’ve worked with mainly seniors, requiring mild care and mainly assistance with bathing, but I’ve also done work with children and younger adults.
You’re pretty much guaranteed work. Days, evenings or on my Fridays – BOTH. Sorry, that’s not really a positive comment. I’m trying.

However, it’s not my jive. I’ve been at it for almost 3 weeks and I’m surprised I haven’t pulled out ALL my hair yet.

I don’t like bouncing from client to client – because that’s what you do. Sometimes I’m scheduled for a 45 minute shift & other times it’s 3h. Sometimes I’m scheduled for a client that requires minimum care, so after I’m done they want me to leave. Well, fair enough, I wouldn’t want someone loitering in my home just to kill time before their next visit. So I loiter. Usually at Giant Tiger.
The work isn’t easy, which is a huge misconception. As previously mentioned I’ve worked with clients who require mechanical lifts. And from what I recall, those aren’t to be used A LONE, right? I’ve worked with children who have mental issues of varying degrees. And it’s not that I don’t feel for these kids. I do. But that’s NOT what I was trained for. I work with SENIORS. So needless to say I sometimes feel like a fish out of a water there. Then we have the hoarders. These guys make the shows you see on TLC look CLEAN. It’s… well, there are no words. So aside from being disgusted, you want to get the job done but you also NEED to take care of yourself. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but should I ever feel unsafe in ANY WAY in a home of such magnitude of disgust, I’m leaving. And I hope you would to. There isn’t enough emphasise put into the care of the PSW. Oh, that’s a good blog idea!

Today I worked a AM shift in LTC in a dementia unit and I was so happy. It was tiresome. It was heavy duty. But It’s where I’m meant to be. And one of these days, you will see a blog update with immense happiness relishing in the fact that I got a full time or at least a part time position.

One day.