A New Year.

I am so amused. Today apparently marks the “first day” back to work after the holidays. I laugh at this as I sit in my PJs sipping my coffee with no where to go on this chilly Monday morning. As a PSW, I WORKED during the holidays. Christmas AND New Years. Now I’m not complaining, but if you try to feed me your woe is me crap because you have to go back to work I’m not going to buy it. Don’t take up a career in healthcare, I don’t think you could handle it.

ANYWAY, I had to get that off my chest. HAPPY 2016 Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. As mentioned I worked on those days so I just altered my holiday to other days. No biggie.

I’ve worked NY before, infact thats ALL I worked when I was in Toronto. This year was my first time working Christmas Day and truth be told I REALLY enjoyed it. I worked home care in the AM and LTC 3-11. Both shifts were lovely. I felt really happy to be able to spend my time with folks who otherwise might not be with anyone else. A little secret – people tend to spend holidays with their families when in LTC, so needless to say that shift was practically a dream because a lot of residents were out of the building. We had fun with those who couldn’t venture out. Champagne & eggnog WITH Rum were served to those who cared for it. Who says you can’t party in LTC.

Last night during my home care visits, I made a call to one of my regular clients that I normally see in the morning and not at night. During the night he wears a condom catheter & I was super nervous about having to put it on. I see penises all the time. It’s a body part, it no longer phases me. But most of my contact is help with cleanliness and that’s it. Having to apply a plastic-like wrapping around one that isn’t erect is something else. I don’t know how to work these things, I don’t own this equipment! (Seinfeld, anyone?!) But this gentleman was a doll in directing me step by step on how to properly apply it so that it would stay on during the night. I was quite proud of myself for having done a good job.

Maybe I should be a doctor?

No thanks.

2 thoughts on “A New Year.

  1. 👍🏻
    I’m pretty ecstatic that I came across your blog. I’ve only read your last two entries, I’m looking forward to reading more. I am a PSW myself, for 14ish years. I came across you via PSW Podcast.
    Happy New Year!

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