A Party For Two.

It is March Break, was anyone else aware of that? The only reason I know is because I have extra shifts this week on account of this lovely holiday. It’s been so long since I counted down the days since New Years to that wonderous week off from everything. March Breaks, long weekends, all of these things disappear once in healthcare. You get used to it believe it or not.

We were short-staffed today at work. Someone called in sick, so for 4 hours we had 3 PSWs on the unit, and for the other 4 only 2 of us remained. 2 PSWs for 30 residents.

This is a regular occurence. It happens more than I’d like to admit and unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about it. It’s about money, it’s always about money. It isn’t about senior care and it certainly isn’t about quality of care either. It’s disgusting and it’s wrong. Should the unthinkable happen, what are we to do? There’s a fire. The entire floor has the flu. I am helping my co-worker toilet a resident with a hoyer lift when another resident has a fall. We haven’t got eyes everywhere yet we are punished as if we should have. If we call in sick we’re asked a million questions why. If we come into work sick we’re sent home and told not to have come in the first place.

A PSW life isn’t easy.

My seniors keep me going.

I do this for them. No one else.

One thought on “A Party For Two.

  1. You can only do the best with what you have in front of you. Having half the staff available to do the same work affects you directly, but if you have a resident to support worker ratio of 15:1, then *you* are not the problem. That’s a staffing issue, which falls to the manager who hires for the facility, or the person who handles payroll.

    I’m sorry to hear they’re hassling you.

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