Erwin Olaf’s Mature Series

Erwin Olaf’s Mature Series

This man took the human body at an age that not a lot of people are comfortable with and showcased these beautiful women to the world exactly as they are: Old and beautiful.

Working in a nursing home means I get asked a lot of stupid questions. Yes, there IS such a thing as a stupid question. “So.. you get to see naked people? And they’re all wrinkly? Ewwwwww!” Look at the following image and tell me “ew”. I dare you. She is absolutely breathtaking and I bet she has more confidence than some prissy young sweet-thang walking around in shorts that should have been sold as underwear. We’re going to age. All of us. And our bodies will change and we’ll be uncomfortable and upset at times. But IT IS going to happen. We can only hope we look this good.

Image 8 of 10 : Erwin Olaf: Mature series - Karen M

Hey gorgeous.


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