Rockin’ Out


Rockin’ GTA Seniors land on Katie Couric


TORONTO – Two GTA seniors who made headlines after taking in their first rock concert last month will appear as special guests on the Katie Couric show Tuesday.

Lifelong gal pals Thelma Moore and Kay Hutton — both 84 — were invited to appear on Couric’s U.S.-based, nationally-syndicated daytime talk show, Katie, just days after the Toronto Sun wrote about the two women going to see supergroup Bon Jovi at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Feb. 18.

Moore and Hutton, who’ve been close since girlhood, had done many things together, but sitting through an ear-splitting rock concert had not yet been one of them.

The women, who had already gone on countless trips and excursions together, had also seen their friendship strengthened by going through some of life’s tragedies side by side, including the death of both their husbands and the premature passing of one of Moore’s adult sons.

Couric’s producers came looking for Moore and Hutton to ask the women to appear on a show about the power of friendship. The pair were flown to New York for a taping with Couric on Feb. 28. That show will air on Tuesday at 4 p.m. on CITY-TV.

“This is a hoot, really,” Moore said shortly before leaving for New York. “I’d seen the (Katie) show only occasionally, but have been watching it steadily over the last few days.”

AND THIS, my fellow readers, is reason #543673607 why I LOVE seniors so so much.
& Bon Jovi rules all. ❤