Buyer Beware

As Personal Support Workers we face a lot of challenges. Difficult residents and at times even more difficult co workers. And sometimes we encounter people and groups who we think we can trust. Individuals who claim to be there for the PSW, doing everything in their power to help our important profession get the credit we deserve. It is important to take note of such groups and even more important to do research before deciding to commit yourself and your hard earned money to said people.

I say this because I put my trust and valuable time into one such organization. And by doing so I thought I was doing something great not only for me but for other PSWS. However, I was taken for a ride as were several other people I know and it’s not right.

This needs to be made clear: Our profession is NOT regulated by a governing body. We do not have a group like nurses or doctors do in the province of Ontario. There are several organizations who claim to be just that – a governing body – but they’re not. And even though I can say with absolute certainty that their intentions might be good, the way things are carried out, are not. I’ve seen it.

I belong to quite a few online groups, discussion groups and such. That’s fine, a place for PSWS to gather and to talk about our jobs and the adversaries we face. That’s why I blog. But please do your research before deciding to commit financially to any one party. Make sure it’s a group you can trust and run by well trained professionals. There are A LOT of shady people out there.

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