Call Bells Will Be The Death Of Me

It’s been busy. Work wise & life in general. When I’m not at work I’m “working” at home by applying to other job possibilities & doing laundry & such.

Working casual isn’t much fun, to be honest. You rarely know when you’ll get hours & if you get more than 3 hours notice you’re lucky. I’m still at the bottom of the barrel, slowly paying my dues in order to climb up the ever steep ladder of PSW employment.

I work a lot of weekends, which don’t bother me much. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of 3-11 shifts. Work wise, it can be just as – or sometimes MORE busy – than a morning shift. The work load consists of serving dinner, bathing, and general toileting care prior to getting residents into bed. Going to bed on a schedule and STAYING in bed are all challenges the PSW accepts when taking on this shift. Residents can have nightmares. Hallucinations. Hunger pains. Toileting needs. Or even wander at any given time. I cannot count the number of times a call bell will ring during one shift. I don’t go to a gym. I work in LTC.

Due to casual hours & slowly becoming stir crazy, I’ve applied for & obtained a position with a home care company who GUARENTEES 40+ hours a week. I haven’t done home care in a couple of years so it will take some getting used to, otherwise I look forward to the change. Home care is apparently HUGE in Stratford, so if that’s your calling come here. You’ll get work.

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