I’m Tired.

Monday. Crap Day. The “I just want to lay in bed and do f*ck all day”. But I’m working – as most of you are as well because that’s what we do. We work. Some of us in illegal business but most of us on the other end of the spectrum, doing work in exchange for monetary benefits. I’m not in LTC today, I’m in Cambridge working with OPSWA. It’s fairly busy today & the heat out side doesn’t help matters.

I just feel the need to rant. Yesterday was a complete & total sh!t show at work and it’s still bugging me today. Sometimes I am just absolutely appalled with the events I see & the fact that nothing seems to be done about it irks me even more. I write about this because, well, A) this is my blog & B) most of you PSWS reading this can probably relate.

Not only was I exhausted already (my own fault for staying up late) but yesterday consisted of orienting a fairly new PSW to the floor and dealing with meals that consisted of NO COOK in which to prepare them. Uhm, hello? Apparently the cook called in sick the night before and they couldn’t get a replacement.

Breakfast normally consists of the option between cold cereals & oatmeal. Well, yesterday was just cold cereal so if you didn’t eat that OR were on a puree diet, you didn’t eat. Lunch then consisted of ham sandwiches, chicken soup & salad. Excellent options, considering that on every other day they get a choice between TWO HOT meals. I have a resident that doesn’t eat pork & 5 residents on a puree diet. I don’t know who was down there preparing all this but thankfully they thought to make mash potatoes and enough puree meals to feed those who needed them. Needless to say we had A LOT of residents and family members who were non to pleased.

This is their HOME. These people live here. It’s not a hotel, it’s not a restaurant.They are paying some absurd amount of money on a monthly basis to live and EAT here and this is what happens? WHY was there no part-time cook to stand in? WHY didn’t the dietary supervisor come in and take charge when notified of the situation? This shouldn’t be labelled a “one off” because this shouldn’t happen to begin with!

I advised – after profusely apologizing for an error I didn’t make – my residents and their families to make noise in order to ensure that something like that DOESN’T happen again.

And how was your day?

One thought on “I’m Tired.

  1. It’s pretty ridiculous that all this business of getting proper food to people on a daily basis is still an issue anywhere in North America. It’s disturbing to hear about anyone going without food, but it’s especially bad when those suffering are elderly, children, or anyone else that is dependent on others for care.


    P.S. Yo, it’s meeee Billy! (I go by Amy sometimes on forums, blogs etc.)

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