New Year, New PSW!

Man do I ever miss writing in here. I’ve had so many ideas over the last couple of months & sadly I hadn’t the chance to express them. Reason one being because I was & still am extremely busy with work (well, and life) & reason 2 is I spilled soup on my laptop’s keyboard. Duh, right? I’m currently on someone else’s working computer so I thought I would take advantage!

Now, where to start?

apswlife has been getting a lot of recognition & I am so thrilled and excited for the opportunities a head of me! I am in partnership with OPSWA and cannot wait to attend and SPEAK at their annual conference this year! Not only do I love working as a PSW in LTC, but I love talking about it to anyone who will listen. I say it like it is. It’s a tough job for tough people & frankly not everyone is cut out for it. But that goes a long with all sorts of jobs now doesn’t it?

So aside from planning the conference, I’ve been working my little – well, slightly big – bum off in LTC with my beautiful beautiful residents. We’ve had some more passings since last I wrote in here. Some surprising, others not so much. To be honest, I’m surprised at the longevity some of these people have! One of my favourite’s will be turning 100 at the end of this month and I am so super excited to celebrate with her. It’s true what they say, age really IS just a number. She’s so full of spunk and positivity. Sometimes I feel like such a dud at the ripe old age of 29!

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