Hm. Now What?

JUST INCASE PSWs of Ontario didn’t hear the news, I’ll share it with you: Deb Matthews, the Minister of Health has raised the wages of all public home care workers from $12.50 to $16 an hour over 2 years. Uhm, wow?

As with every politician, they have no problem delivering great news but seem to conveniently forget to explain HOW this will be done. I’m curious. A LOT curious as this is a HUGE increase in such little time.

Secondly, I work in long term care. This increase doesn’t apply to me. Personally, I don’t care for a wage increase. What I want to see is MORE FULL TIME PSWs in LTC facilities which would decrease the over all workload. Make sense? Then you wouldn’t NEED to increase our pay as the work load would finally be equal to what we earn. But government isn’t always that smart.

What I did enjoy was the over all praise that the Minister of Health & Finance had to say about PSWs as a whole. For too long we have been ignored and not given the proper respect we deserve. It was nice to hear words of kindness from people who, generally speaking, have no idea what we do. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and paying attention to our profession. As a whole, PSWs work extremely hard to take care of loved ones whether it be in the community or facility based. We’re on the front line – which makes it sound so militant like but I don’t know how else to put it – and we always will be.

For more details, go here:

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