Curse Words & Opportunities

The human incapability for acceptance is one of our greatest faults as a species. There HAS to be a reason and we HAVE to figure out what it is. To an extent I agree with this and even encourage it. Learning is something we can never get enough of. However, there are some things that we will NEVER figure out and you know what, that’s OKAY.

“Fuck you!” “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!” “AHHHHHH!” “Oh, hello. I am good, thank you!” “AHHHH!” “Fuck off!” “You’re beautiful”.

No, this isn’t Turrettes Syndrome at it’s best.  Or worst. This is an old man who is extremely upset. He is changing in the worst way and he doesn’t understand why. His memory is close to non-existent. We don’t know why he yells. We don’t know why he takes off his clothes at inappropriate times. This man doesn’t understand that he is incapable of weight bearing, so when we find him on the floor beside his bed, I roll my eyes when I hear my co-worker ask “WHY are you on the floor?” “Why does this keep happening?”
To be fair, I didn’t look into whether or not these were rhetorical questions. I’d feel better knowing if they were, but I’ve seen this reaction too many times to believe it were so.
He can’t answer us in the rational way that WE, as young and healthy adults, are accustomed to hearing.

The falls are happening more often than I’d like to admit. Drugs seem to be the popular answer to everything but I disagree. He is falling because he isn’t being watched like a hawk 24/7. He can’t be watched like a hawk 24/7 because there aren’t the staff around to do it.

How many times do I have to say that LTC homes are understaffed before anyone listens?

On another note, this weekend is the OPSWA – Ontario Personal Support Worker Association – Conference in Toronto. I found out about this in February and I have been on edge with excitement ever since. I cannot wait to be immersed in conversation with others in the field. I am anxious for the opportunities that await. Please check out this wonderful group at

Full details to come after the conference!

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