For The Long Haul.

Well, they’re still there. The MOHLTC I mean. It doesn’t concern me much anymore. I go to work and I do my job as I am supposed to do in a professional and caring manner. Today at breakfast I ran into some static with a co-worker who insisted that we weren’t serving “according to the rules” and “what if the ministry comes up”? What if they do? Am I supposed to change the routine that this team is used to just because a couple of suits with laptops might have something to say about it? Absolutely not. We know these residents. We know their behaviour and we know exactly how breakfast time works: 30 minutes with one server for 2 unit – so 1 server for roughly 60 people – to feed and clear plates. Really? And we were short staffed – AGAIN – during the am care time. I am not afraid of a suit. We do this job as it is supposed to be done and if that means bending the rules a bit than so be it. And they aren’t big rules.
Every day we switch it up as to what table gets served first. Well, today being Tuesday we should have started at a certain table. Said table wasn’t half way through their oatmeal so I am supposed to wait around before getting to other people who may already be done? No. That’s silly and a waste of time. 30 minutes. THAT’S IT. It’s bad enough that we expect these poor souls to  inhale their food but to make them wait for it just because one table isn’t done yet? No. And if ministry has an issue with that, I have no problem talking to them about it.
I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a lot of shifts for this month so the chances of me ranting in here are pretty great.
I’m sorry I’ve been slacking. I’ve been writing a lot for which is just a fantastic site.
I’m still here. Promise.

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