We’re Being Watched.

Daily. Hourly. By the minute for the next week and a half. Walking around with their laptops and making notes on every little thing that we, the PSWs and nurses do. I understand they have a job to perform. I understand it is to benefit the residents and us, the workers, but it doesn’t feel that way. When they MOHLTC (http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/) decides to pay a LTC home a visit, it’s just never as much fun as it should be. Wait, should this be fun?

I don’t mind answering your questions. I don’t mind you watching me to make sure that I am doing my job correctly. However, I do not have 30 minutes to sit and talk about bedrails with you. I have a JOB to do. I have residents that need my assistance and in order for me to do my job correctly, you need to leave me a lone. Because there are only 3 of us on the floor – on a good day – and it is hard enough to get the job done stress-free. I don’t appreciate you leering at me and talking to me as if I don’t have the slightest clue as to what I’m doing. Give us some credit. Spend a day in our shoes and talk to the residents we take care of. Watch us when someone has a conniption and decided to urinate all over the dining room floor. Pay attention when we’re being called names and risking our lives all to give someone a shower they so badly need.

You’re not there to judge us. You’re not there to look down on us. You’re there to make sure this home is running properly and that the residents are being properly taken care of.

Let me do my job and they will be.

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