& They Say That A Hero Can Save Us.

I don’t own a cape but if I did it would be purple. BRIGHT purple, like Grape Crush or the powdered purple juice we all drank as kids. It would go all the way down to my feet and look like I had wings when I run against the wind. Fly I would, high above everyone looking for seniors in need of a helping hand. Diaper change? I’m on it. You’ve lost your shoe? I’ll find it! You hear voices in your room? I’ll scare them off and tell them not to bug you again or they’ll have to answer to me.

Everyone would applaud after each mission and little girls will have dreams about being me when they’re older. SUPER PSW is my name and I am always at the rescue.


Sometimes this is what it feels like. Situations arise that you have no control over and the only thing one can do is pull up their big girl pants, put on the imaginary cape and haul ass.

When you’re used to working with 3 of us super heroes but only 2 show up, it’s like the Joker pulled a fast one on Batman. Or Captain Kirk dissed Spock’s mom. In these situations commanding the Enterprise and gassing up the Bat mobile is the only thing you can do.
Complaining about your work load helps no one and frankly, we don’t want to hear it. The key is TEAM WORK, TIME MANAGEMENT and most importantly: A SENSE OF HUMOUR.

If you can’t laugh in this line of work, you’ll get eaten alive, one soiled extra-large diaper at a time.

If I were a super hero, I’d want to be like Wonder Woman. … and hook up with Iron Man.

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