Don’t Play Quija.

… I’m starting to wonder if someone has played that “game” at work. Quotations were added because I think calling Ouija a game is terribly silly, but that’s a post of rambles for another day. I pose the question because my unit has been having some awful bad luck as of late. Maybe it’s just coincidence, maybe it’s party due to the flu epidemic, or maybe it just IS and posing questions is a waste of time. Either way, I wish it would stop.

Since Christmas we’ve had 4 residents pass away. 3 of which were in hospital and one was in the nursing home. All of which weren’t much of a surprise. When I came into work this morning 2 more residents were in hospital and before 8:30 we had sent another away in an ambulance.

Have you ever witnessed somebody having a stroke? It was the oddest thing. I had gotten my resident out of bed and if you knew this person, you knew that sleep was probably their favourite thing to do. But once they were awake they were able to maneuver themself into their wheelchair and into the bathroom. I proceeded to get them dressed when all of a sudden I noticed that they had dozed off. Or what I THOUGHT was dozing off. I didn’t worry right away because this particular person had a habit of falling asleep in the middle of a task. My worry started to appear when I took note of the fact that their right side was dead. Her right arm, right side of the face and legs showed no response to anything. My loudness, cold damp cloth and light taps did nothing. Even before calling the EMS we figured a stroke was what occurred.

2013 is definitely off to a rocky start. And as much as I love the decrease in workload, I miss my residents. I hope things go up from here, ans as a side note – DO NOT play with a Ouija board.

For more information on strokes, check out:

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