When 5 days feels like an ETERNITY.

Never in my 3 years as a PSW have I ever felt such exhaustion after a day of work.

5 days straight in a nursing home is very tiresome, but it’s something I’ve done before so before I started the week from hell I paid no attention to it. In fact, I’ve done 7 days straight and never have I been so stressed and tired. However, thus the nature of the job. With so many people to look after comes a lot of uncertainty and potential problems that one doesn’t even think of when going to work.

During my week we had 2 residents sent to hospital, another one fainted on me and everyone else was coughing up phlegm or sneezing germs – the equivalent to a nuclear bomb going off – in to the air. T’was the time for yellow gowns and masks indeed.

Like I’ve said before, it’s that time of year when people tend to get sick. Unfortunately, the elderly are very susceptible and can suffer far greater damage than young kids like us. The common cold CAN kill you, I’ve seen it.

I’m hoping that when I go back to work this weekend things may have calmed down in the 2 days I’ve had off.

Or with my luck, things could have gotten worse. -_-

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