A Seminar & The Stomach Flu

How To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease In The Elderly Patient.

…. Maybe it’s just me – and it often times is so please tell me if I’m wrong – but does that seem like a necessary seminar to attend? Especially since all of whom that attended are in healthcare and would already KNOW how to do this? I thought it was fairly simple. Diet, lifestyle, genes…. is this obvious to anyone else? It would appear that a lot of studies have been done on the subject – enough to fill an entire hour’s worth! – to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to always complain as I did enjoy myself. But maybe it was the fancy hotel, free dinner and wine that I enjoyed… This, my darling followers is how you school. I wish I could tell you in more detail about the seminar, but I honestly don’t remember a lot of it.

MAYBE that’s because later on that night, upon my return home I had a rather queasy feeling in my stomach. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but when you’re vomiting on and off for a good 6 hours, your thought turns to the dreaded stomach flu. I forgot how awful that ailment is. I hadn’t been that violently ill in ages, it completely knocks the wind out of you! Anyway, I have since recovered and that is why I could not give a detailed, more exciting description of my night out sooner.

This update wasn’t very PSW-y was it? Oh well.

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