Getting drunk at work.

It’s around 7:30am and I’m half way done in getting my residents out of bed for breakfast (yes, I am THAT quick on occasion) when I stop to look out the window. The view itself is nothing special – busy streets, apartment buildings and pedestrians. What intrigues me is the little white drops falling from the sky. I smile as I watch the snow fall. I know it won’t stay, it’s only here to visit for maybe an hour or two, but while it’s here I intend to enjoy its presence. Winter time is always such a magical time I find. Yes, there’s the obvious hate of winter driving and cold fingers but if you look beyond that it really is quite enjoyable. First off – if you can’t drive in the snow, then get the fuck off my roads and secondly, wear some gloves!

I run into one of my favourite gentlemen as I make my way up the hallway.
“What’s shakin’ J!” I greet him quite loudly. He smiles at me and shakes his head. “Not much babe,” he replies.
“Want to go play in the snow?”
“The what…?” he looks so perplexed. Have I got two heads all of a sudden?

“You heard me, look outside it’s snowing! I want to go play in it.”
“You’re drunk.”

Oh, to get drunk with my 90-year-old buddies would be fantastic. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked to bring in some beer or to some how make a martini. If not for the dozens of medications they ingest on a daily basis, I’m sure alcohol wouldn’t be an issue.

Tomorrow night I am attending a seminar which my DOC asked me to go to. There are 10 spots available and she asked ME. Now, this isn’t too surprising as I’ve always been on good terms with her but still, I feel pretty awesome when the big boss specifically asks for me. I’ll let you know what happens 🙂

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