Christmas Trees & Loose Bowels

I had a lovely day at work today. I wish I could just leave it at that but one sentence doesn’t seem worth the update, although I think that’s what describes it perfectly.

One of the many, many reasons I love my place of employment is because at this time of year everyone is happy. Sure, we’re all stressed because of shopping and food and overtime and crazy drivers but underneath all that crap we realize that life is pretty good. When I walked in to work this morning the first thing I saw before the elevator was a massive Christmas tree. A beautiful mass of green with twinkly lights, coloured balls and ribbon. I can’t describe – although I try – how lovely that was to see. The first sign of the holiday season always makes me smile. But I’m getting off topic, maybe I should start a blog on Christmas? HA!

A lot of people ask me if Christmas time especially is depressing at a long term care home. You know what? It’s not. I suppose a lot of it is based on how you view it, but if you look closely you’ll see a whole other world. It’s not Christmas like you and I would celebrate. We have the luxory of going out and visiting family – most of which are still living – and KNOWING what Christmas is. Some of these people are so far gone in their dementia that they’ve completely lost the concept of the holiday. When it gets to that point, it’s not sad anymore. For other residents, most of which have family and there are always events going on.  I do believe I’ve touched on this before so I won’t bore you.

Speaking of the season and the generosity it brings out in people, let me tell you something that happened to me today. This was completely unexpected and totally blew me a way. I do believe I almost cried – yeah, I’m very girly in that way, I don’t like it much but what can you do – because that’s how touched I was.

I received a little card with a lovely hand lotion from a resident’s daughter. It simply stated how happy and greatful she was for all the work I do for her father.
I don’t do this job because I expect gifts or bonuses. I do it because I enjoy it and I love helping people without anything in return. However, I am so happy and pleased that the work we all do – as PSWs or nurses – doesn’t go unnoticed. That little bit of recognition and a simple thank you is more than enough for me, so the idea of receiving a gift is the equivalent of winning the lottery.

The next time I see her I’ll have to give her a hug.

In other PSW news, my poor darling – well, one of them – had a very very loose BM today and it got all over her pants. She was so embarassed, but I calmed her down by telling her the story of how many times I’ve vomited in front of people. We had a good laugh. Loose bowels and vomit is nothing to be ashamed of people!

I now have very sore feet, so I think I’ll go relax before my cat decides to sit on my computer.

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