Break It Down IV

Lunch time in a long-term care home. It sometimes feels like we’re rounding up the herd for a feeding frenzy of food – that quite frankly – looks like it could belong in a sty. I mentioned in previous posts the different types of food we serve, right? Puree (imagine salad and roast beef that’s been put through a blender) minced and of course regular.

I’ll admit it – I’ve eaten it. NO, not the puree for crying out loud, but the regular meals and for the most part they’re not bad. If anything they can tend to lean toward the bland side but I just add salt and it’s fine. What really stinks – I think – is how the staff is required to by a meal if we even want any. I get it. The food is here for the residents and they are ALWAYS our number one priority. But after they’ve eaten and any room trays that need to be prepared have been done, why can’t we have the left overs? Do you know what happens to left overs? They get thrown out, everything. I think it’s a terrible waste of food but c’est la vie.

Lunch time – like breakfast and I’m assuming dinner (I haven’t worked the dinner shift yet) – usually goes pretty smoothly if we all stick to the routine. Depending on the day, a certain table gets served first. I’m telling you, on occasion it really is like dealing with a 5-year-old child. “Why re they getting served first! They got served first last week! GIVE ME TEA!”. Forget the please and thank yous, forget any and all logic you might be tempted to use. REMEMBER: For the most part, I am dealing with individuals that are no longer capable of dealing with reason and logic. Arguing would be useless and it would only frustrate both parties. SO, we have a schedule, and depending on the day, a certain table gets to be served first.

2 options. Yep, that’s all there is. This generally consists of 2 meat options, 2 veggie options and potato. Sometimes fish is served, or a pasta dish or salad. The variety over all is fairly decent, but there are some days where I seriously wonder who’s thinking up these menu ideas.

For instance: Today we have lamp chops or roast beef. These lamb chops were mainly bone, I don’t recall one resident who didn’t have a complaint. Do the cooks not realize that these people are depending on artificial teeth to chew this stuff? That perhaps their over all strength isn’t as good as it used to be so attempting to cut a leather-like slab of roast beef with a butter knife isn’t going to do it?

It’s not just me wondering this, my residents have expressed their opinions as well and I don’t know why something hasn’t been done about it yet.

1 hour. Thats how much time we have to get people seated, fed, and out. Yeah, we run a tight ship. I try to stay after lunch and help clean tables but depending on the day and what I still need to get done, sometimes I can’t do it.

At least we have apple pie for dessert. Mmmmmm.

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