Break It Down III

Sometimes I wish my breaks were longer than half an hour. This just isn’t sufficient time to do a crossword, drink my coffee and take a nap. Only a little after 10 and I need a nap? Yes, I’ve been up since 5 and on my feet non stop since 7. I dream about crawling into a resident’s bed after I’ve made it. Some of their blankets and pillows and sheets are so crisp and clean and so warm. The temptation is really strong. …. but then you stop and think and it dawns on you that these are the same beds and linens that have experienced incontinence with both bowels and urine, vomit, C Diff and Lord know what else. … I guess I’ll stick to napping on the subway (because no one’s ever had incontinence or vomit issues THERE, right?).

I check my residents first just to see if anyone needs to be changed before lunch & most of which do. There are the odd few who can toilet on their own so I go around and remind them to do so. If anyone’s gone already, I ask what it is they did.

Stop looking at me with such disgusted looks. You do the exact same thing when you go to the bathroom, only you don’t think about it. Well, think about it: You know your body better than anyone else. You know what you ingest – most of the time – and you know what comes out. If something is off, you notice it don’t you? Don’t lie to me. Don’t look so embarrassed. And if something is on going and concerning you go to the doctors don’t you? Well, remember. These are people who are no longer capable of doing this. A PSW must take note of all bodily functions and report anything new or worrisome to the nurse. This mainly applies to residents that I must change as residents who can toilet themselves can also report to the nurse themselves. Still, I am here to make sure 🙂

Elton John’s Daniel is on the radio. I kind of like this song. I sing a long to it while I get my supplies ready. One resident of mine is bed ridden and they ALWAYS have the radio on. For some reason, singing a long to Elton John and Beyonce really moves the work a long quicker. … sometimes I even dance. I look pretty awesome with my scrubs, rubber gloves and pink crocs on.

Almost lunch time. Depending on what they have I may just buy something…

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