Friday I’m In Love

Title curtosy of The Cure.

I’m in love. Again. & it constantly happens in my line of work only it’s a love affair that doesn’t last long. & you know the minute you enter it you’re the only one who’s going to survive and make it through. Your love is 90+ years in age and you know they haven’t got much more to go. They’re hanging on for reasons we don’t know and maybe, just maybe, your love for them keeps them going for a little while. Maybe they don’t have anyone else, and you are the only one who can make them smile.

One of my darlings passed away recently and when I arrived at work on Friday I was informed that someone new had taken up residency in her room. When this happens I get nervous. It’s someone new, I don’t know them at all or their routine. It becomes a new learning curve for both of us. You hope it isn’t someone who requires a mechanical lift, or who has a nasty disposition (curtosy of Mr. Alzhiemers, thank you very much) but you just never know.

The minute I met her I fell. Fell hard. She’s partially blind but other than that she can manage on her own, all she needs is a little guidance. & she talks. A LOT. To herself or to anyone who will listen. I LOVEE that because I love to talk as well – big surprise, right? I told her my name and she said she loved it.

I have a tendency to fall hard in relationships, something which normally doesn’t benefit me at all. I know that in this case I won’t be let down. We have a mutual respect and love for eachother and when it’s time for her to go, it won’t be because she found a blond who’s better than me. It’s just her time. And soon enough, more love will come along.

One thought on “Friday I’m In Love

  1. Its like this on my job too… You fall hard and can’t imagin life without them and then they move on or you do and it’s heart breaking … Don’t know how I’m going to leave all my crickets behind this time. I know it’s time to raise my own chickens but it doesn’t make the live affaire easier I fell to hard

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