Another Day

I worked yesterday and nothing out the norm happened. Todd – the gentleman who threatens to throw me out windows & talks of poison – was actually quite pleasant which was odd. Although, he did get very angry at breakfast because not 10 MINUTES after clearing the table he wheeled himself back into the dining room and yelled: “SUPER INTENDENT! SUPER INTENDENT!” because we weren’t serving him. So, we just let him sit there. Again, you can’t talk rationally to a disease that understand the concept of rational thinking and say breakfast was already served. So as long as Todd was safe and just sitting there, we let him be. In 10 minutes he forgot again anyway.

There are some other gentlemen there that are just awesome. Mentally they’re somewhat ok so I can actually have proper conversations with them. Sometimes. Yesterday I was wearing a new blouse to work that was pink and had a flower design on it. This is what happened.

Gentleman 1: I like you’re shirt! It’s so pretty!
Gentleman 2: You just like these (& he procedes to pinch his own nipples).
Gentleman 1: Noooo….
Me:……. Alright that’s enough.
Gentleman 3: Hey Stef, could we have some beer?
Me: Sweetheart, if I had beer I’d sit right here with you boys and drink with you.
All 3 gentlemen: YEAAH!

Seriously. My job is amazing.

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