A Conversation With My Favourite Seniors

A conversation with my favourite seniors.

My grandparents, specifically, my grandather.

Pappy: So when we die, you better have enough money to buy this house if you want it.
Me: You’re not going to die anytime soon because I haven’t got any money. Even if you whine the rest of the way you’re not going anywhere.
Pappy: What if we put my coffin right here?
Me: What, like a table?
Pappy: Yeah!
Me: Ok, but can it have a glass top?
Pappy: Well yes, it would have to be nice.
Me: Obviously. And you’ll need to spend the big bucks on a nice casket because I’m not having cardboard here.
Pappy: Well ofcourse, only the good stuff.
Me: Clearly.

Why I love them so.

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